TYPO3 + Magento + SugarCRM + Alfresco: An enterprise integrated platform

Alla nona conferenza internazionale su TYPO3 (il T3CON13DE) svoltasi a Stoccarda, sono stato relatore di una sessione in cui ho presentato un progetto di integrazione tra TYPO3, Magento, SugarCRM e Alfresco realizzato da Webformat, l'azienda per cui lavoro. Questo l'abstract del talk:

Today there are a lot of different softwares and projects that provide a lot of features but all of them were born with a specific objective and they are very mature and stable while providing features for such objective. But an objective is not enough! Managing contents and not assets is not possible, websites often requires ecommerce capabilities, ecommerce sites have customers that should be managed and so on (e.g. TYPO3, Magento and Alfresco are all able to manage contents and can be used as CMSs for webistes. But are all able to manage contents on the same way?). For this reason a lot of projects started to integrate more and more features and the result is that there is a waste of resources and work.

Our idea is to use the best software for the specific need.

Even if TYPO3 can manage assets thanks to the DAM extension or the new FAL module, Alfresco provides a very sophisticated and powerful engine to manage files, with workflows, versioning, ACLs, and much more. And what about TYPO3 ecommerce plugins compared with an ecommerce leader platform like Magento?

During this talk I will show our project of integration that allowed us to provide a single platform with 4 open source projects that are working all together. Because “Good programmers know what to write. Great ones know what to rewrite (and reuse).” (Eric S. Raymond)